God’s Good Around You

From the beginning of Creation God declared it was good, and when he finished, after he created the pinnacle of his work – woman, he declared it is very good! But the love that created all things and stamped them with a divine word of approval also established freedom that allows true, intentional love to exist. It wasn’t the frailness of this plan but the strength of his person that allowed this context to take place. God’s security and definition were not going to be affected by the decision and rejection of his human beings. Even after we doubted his word and promise, God still provides heavenly glimpses in the physical world. Some of these are as simple as the good you and I experience and enjoy. The possibility, potential and presence of good is here by compassion and kindness of the Creator toward his creation. Providing a continue invitation to desire his holiness and decide to come home. Do you see his goodness around you?