What the Hell?

There is a struggle with the concept, the idea of hell! We definitely desire to do what we want with little conscience or consequence. We want, if we care at all, for God to be a grandparent who gives us what we like, laughs when we do something wrong and provides us with whatever we think of in the moment. With those reflections we don’t care about truth, justice or trust; we just want what we want. But God isn’t like a grandparent, he’s not mean or cruel. He loves you so much as to not intrude upon his most cherished gift of choice and personhood. Hell isn’t a divine surprise that no one has heard about, it is the natural environment for those who have, with no reservation declared, cursed, and fumed at God or his purpose for his creation. Hell is at its basic element and truth an environment where He has pulled his presence from. All of what is part of life without the presence of hope, comfort, and love. How can a God of love allow such a place?