Moses - The Murderer God Used

Is there life after Failure?  Does God want me, can he actually use me?  For the next few weeks we will examine six individuals who possessed significant flaws and sins that would seem to threaten their usefulness in God’s Kingdom.  Yet God use these less-than-perfect people to do incredible things.

For every mistake there’s forgiveness.  For every false start there’s a new beginning.  For every failure there’s hope.  Because with God IT’S NOT TOO LATE.  Come and be encouraged by the redemptive grace of God!  This week, Moses – The Murderer God Used.  And don't worry if you've never literally murdered someone, Jesus said that in seasons of anger many of us have often created the same result in someone's heart.  So, you too are included to open your heart to the grace-filled, redemptive love of God!