I Am The Door

It’s usually someone! Someone who provides the invitation, makes the introduction, prompts the prospect, or opens the door to what lies ahead. To every situation – beneficial or regretful, there has always been an entry point. It is often those you know or whom we have become associated with that are entryways to a new direction or quality of life. Jesus states, “I Am the Door” (or more literally ‘The Gate’), life and salvation are only through me.

To us Jesus’ declaration may seem rather subtle but to his audience of Jewish heritage it was astounding.  God had a conversation with Moses, upon inviting him to accept a reassignment, Moses asked how the children of Israel would know it was God sending him.  Good question.  God said, ‘tell them ‘I AM’ sent you.  Jesus takes on 7 ‘I AM’ statements that provide an understanding who he is saying he is and clarification on his purpose in your life.  This week we are considering his pronouncement that “I AM the Door”.