Grab a little Gladness

We have the tendency to make Thanksgiving an occasion centered around the dining table, a necessary bridge to cross to reach the celebration season known as Christmas.  But Thanksgiving is more than a meal centered event, it is the foundation for truly living full and enjoying deeply all that Christmas brings.  During some situations thankfulness is the microscope seeing care and concern near and in other circumstances gratitude is the binoculars scanning the surrounding horizon for hope and love.  When gratefulness becomes a constant traveling companion your heart is defended from bitterness and darkness.

This week when you begin your day, do you put on your lens of joy and gladness?  It isn’t to deny heartache but to focus on those things that bring a smile to your face and aid in lifting you up.  Gratitude brings you to God with a filter of hope; where you shout it, worship with it, and sing it out loud.