Esther – Queen of Comfort to Queen of Courage [The Diva God Used]

Is there life after Failure, wrong choices or difficult realities?  Does God want me, can he actually use me?  There are life decisions that you might think may possibly put beyond a usefulness for His Purposes.  Yet God uses these less-than-perfect people to do incredible things.

Esther’s name means ‘Star’, she was an orphan being raised by an uncle; protected and cared for. She has an opportunity to be a part of the national ‘The Bachelor’ King edition and she wins the competition. She quickly became acclimated to her new position and wasn’t sure that she wanted to risk her position or life to intercede on behalf of others. Even when the decisions being made by the government would eliminate, otherwise, powerless pawns of society. She decided to move from a Queen of Comfort to a Queen of Influence, to move from fearing for her life to standing up for the lives of the most vulnerable.

Here’s the hopeful truth, for every occasion you have chosen comfort over caring or fear over action there is strength for the moment and forgiveness for mistake. For every direction that has led you away from God there are U-Turn decisions that will allow you to change your direction. For every failure there’s hope, because with God IT’S NOT TOO LATE.  Come and be encouraged by the redemptive grace of God!