Sarah - The Doubter God Used

The facts, you actually just want all facts! This is realistic, to desire and discover the myriad of facts to any situation and then make the best-informed decision possible.  The limit comes in the way of obtaining ALL the facts. The best you usually can do is to obtain the most facts possible, many times ‘all’ the facts are not available to you.  Sometimes there are no witnesses to a situation, or a particular happening cannot be completely replicated or the facts that are gathered (although correct) provide only a limited view of a circumstance. For Sarah, the facts provided a hard reality the became burdensome and bleak. She struggled under the barrenness of her life and became desperate.

Here’s the hopeful truth, for every occasion where the facts lead to shadows and darkness – there also lies promise! The promise of deliverance, of divine intervention, of not being alone . . . during those seasons you wrestle with doubt – remember the God of Promise, the God of the Present and the God of the Future knows where you are and bringing you to his greatest promises. It’s Not Too Late to remember God uses less-than-perfect people to do incredible things.