Light of The World

How dark does the world seem to you?  Jesus experienced the world’s darkest realities but triumphantly emerged to declare that he is the ‘Light of the World’! It doesn’t mean that darkness has surrendered to the light and ceases to exist but that in all its fight and fury it will surrender to the light. Much of its ruthless intensity is a result of its fearful understanding of its own fragile presence. If it doesn’t make you fear, it has no strength nor purpose.

I AM - To us Jesus’ declaration may seem rather subtle but to his audience of Jewish heritage it was astounding.  God had a conversation with Moses, upon inviting him to accept a reassignment, Moses asked how the children of Israel would know it was God sending him.  Good question.  God said, ‘tell them ‘I AM’ sent you.  Jesus takes on 7 ‘I AM’ statements that provide an understanding who he is saying he is and clarification on his purpose in your life.  This week we are considering his pronouncement that “I AM the Light of the World”.