Jacob – An Opportunist wrestles with God [The Deceiver God Used]

Is there life after Failure, wrong choices or difficult realities?  Does God want me, can he actually use me?  There are life decisions that you might think may possibly put beyond a usefulness for His Purposes.  Yet God uses these less-than-perfect people to do incredible things.

Have you ever been less than truthful, told a little lie to minimize a difficult situation, taken advantage of someone vulnerable, or manipulated a circumstance to your benefit?  It’s easy to be swept away by a moment of ‘opportunity’ but sometimes our thirst for something can be so great that we work to create avenues that we take advantage of. It can be entrapping to be drawn into the realm of manipulation and exploitation. Here’s the hopeful truth, for every mistake there’s forgiveness. For every direction that is leading away from God there are U-Turn decisions that will allow you to change your direction. For every failure there’s hope.  Because with God IT’S NOT TOO LATE.  Come and be encouraged by the redemptive grace of God!  This week, Jacob – The Deceiver God Used.