Faithful Fathers

Tough and tender, sharp and patient, wise and goofy, loud and silent, confident and humble; a dad is a unique blend of all that you need and some of what he doesn’t desire to show. He wants to show he can handle it, that you can count on him – that he is for the long haul. His strength exceeds his physical presence, his strength allows you to push, discover, challenge, win and lose in safety. He may not comfort you well, but he encourages you to get up, dust off, reflect on what has happened, learn from it and step forward. He realizes there will be sorrow, tears, wounds and scars but all of those are used by God to develop your character, grow your faith, strengthen your voice and build a resilience that astounds the casual wanderer. He sees you as a champion, not because you have it all together or never failure but because he loves you with a Father’s love. And knowing he is there for you, cheering and coaching you on . . . you know you are not alone in this world.